b"Student's Guide TO MENTALHEALTHFASTFeeling very sad or withdrawn for Seeing, hearing or believing things FF Knowmore than two weeks that are not realFACTSSeriously trying to harm or kill one-Repeatedly using drugs or alcoholCONTACT the 10self or making plans to do soDrastic changes in mood, behavior, TRINITY EVANGELICAL DIVINITY SCHOOL Common Severe out-of-control, risk-takingpersonality or sleeping habits2065 Half Day Road Deerfiel , IL 60015 behaviorsteds.edu/ministry Warning Sudden overwhelming fear for no Extreme difficulty in concentrating or Admissions phone: 800.822.3225 staying stillFinancial Aid: 847.317.8060 Signs reasonIntense worries or fears that get in the OVERVIEW Not eating; significant weight loss orway of daily activitiesInstitutional control: PrivateSchool type: Divinity School weight gainAcademic calendar: Aug - Dec; Jan - May;Gospel Truth and Academic ExcellenceSummer; ModularReligious affil tion: Evangelical Free Church ofTrinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS)Deepen your ministry at a school that has America (EFCA) provides theological education and minis- been dedicated to gospel fidelity and ac-School size: 850Student-faculty ratio: 12:1 try training that equips you to serve Christademic excellence since 1895. To requestWHATStart the ConversationOnsite offered: Main campus: Illinois; Extensions:with wisdom and grace, in truth and love.more information, please go to teds.edu/Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Korea Ourworld-renownedfacultyaredeeplyministry.It worries me to hear you talking like this. Lets talk to someone about it.Online offered: Yes - both synchronous and asyn-chronous investedinteachingandmentoringstu- Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS)TO DOIve noticed you havent been acting like yourself lately. Is somethingdents, immediately welcoming you into agoing on?COSTS AND AID (2022-23) communityofservant-leadersmakingais the seminary of Trinity International Uni-Ive noticed youre [sleeping more, eating less, etc.], is everythingGraduate in-state tuition difference for Christ.versity (TIU).The University also comprisesokay today?(academic year): $750 per credit hourGraduate out-of-state tuition Trinity College, Trinity Global, Trinity Law (academic year): $750 per credit hour Classes and programs are offered in a va- School and Camp Timber-lee. Offer SupportOn-campus housing cost average: $955 monthlyriety of modalities and levels of commit-campus apartment costBe patient, understanding and provide hope. Average additional fees: Comprehensive fee is ment. In-person, online, and a combination Would you like me to go with you to a support group or meeting?$260 a semester of both provides you with tremendous flex-Scholarships: 28 availableI really want to help, what can I do to help you right now?Average institutional aid package: $5,500 ibility. Certificates, Master of Arts, Master ofDISTINCTIVEStudents receiving aid: 92% Divinity,anddoctoralprogramsprepareDPGrants: Yes you for the ministry God has placed beforePROGRAMS Be a FriendLoans: Yes you as a layperson, academician, or minis-Check in regularly and include your friend in your plansWork-Study: Work-study jobs are available try leader.Learn more about mental health conditionsADMISSIONTEDS online programs are a mix of Avoid saying youll get over it or youre fineGRE score required: Program dependent, but notTEDS student body represents 40 denomi- synchronous, asynchronous, and modular Tell your friend that this does not change the way you feel about themfor most Masters programs classroom experiences. Essay required: Yes nations and 38 countrieswith more than Encourage them to get help.Interview required: Select programs one-third of students from multicultural or Application deadline: Rolling international backgrounds. TEDS seeks toAll faculty are exceptional at building a Get AdviceApplication fee: None embody a Christian unity that encourag- collaborative, interactive, onlineCredit for life experience: No environment.Reach out to someone to talk to and get advice on how to help your friend.esculturalintersection,embracesshared Family membersPROGRAMS insight,andequipsChristianleadersfor Counselors or advisorsCertificates Master of Arts world impact. Our goal is that through your Educational Ministries BioethicsTeachers or coachesHippocratic Healthcare and Ethics Chaplaincy and Ministry Care studies and actions, we create a legacy of Organizational Leadership Church History building bridges of love in the communi-Faith leadersPro-Life Advocacy and EngagementMental Health CounselingTeaching and Learning New Testament ties where we live and serve. Professionals.Theological Studies Old Testament & Semitic LanguagesMaster of Arts/TheologicalSystematic Theology The world desperately needs the gospel.Learn more at www.nami.orgStudies Master of DivinityMaster of Arts/Intercultural Master of Theology TEDSoffersaboldlyevangelicaltraining Studies Doctor of MinistryMaster of Arts in Educational Doctor of Philosophy ground for the next generation of teachers,223Ministries pastors, theologians, and counselors. 222David Pao, dean of TEDSteds.edu/ministry 223"